Treteau de Tabarin - BoTte a Fursy (1901)

Treteau de Tabarin — BoTte a Fursy (1901)
33“x47” (86x121.7cm) Imp. Chaix, Paris

Although his cabaret was going tremen­dously well, Fursy was thirsty for revenge. His ex-partner, Ropi­quet, had found no one of the same cal­iber as a replace­ment and was wit­ness­ing the col­lapse of his busi­ness. He finally went bank­rupt in 1901. The owner of the premises, Laju­nie, who had opened the first deluxe restau­rant in Mont­martre and who had made a for­tune, con­tacted Fursy who wasted no time return­ing to Pigalle where he merged his two cabarets on June 17, 1901. Again the inevitable Grun is in charge of adver­tis­ing. In the back­ground he places his two pre­vi­ous posters and a radi­ant beauty, dressed in pale green with a hat bedecked with yel­low flow­ers in the fore­ground. At this time his palette is grow­ing richer and wider.

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