Decadent’s Concert (1893/1894)

Decadent’s Concert (1893/1894) 21.5x17inches (54x43.8cm)

Decadent’s Con­cert (1893/1894)
21.5x17inches (54x43.8cm)

In 1893 Car­pen­tier, dream­ing as many oth­ers did about the suc­cess of the Chat Noir, hires Jules Jouy away and opens the Decadent’s con­cert hall. Jules Jouy (1855–1896) was one of the great­est cabaret singers of his time and one of the most ver­bose (he wrote songs like an apple tree grows apples, noted Georges Mon­torgueil). Pro­moted man­ager, he lured the best cabaret singers — Paul Del­met, Vin­cent Hyspa, Mar­cel Legay, Tiercy — from the Chat Noir, partly due to their exas­per­a­tion with tight­fisted Salis. This adven­ture lasts only two years but enables Grun to pro­duce his first Mont­martre poster thus launch­ing his per­sonal style hailed by Main­dron: “Very lively char­ac­ters stand out as sil­hou­ettes against a white back­ground”. Some saw here Valloton’s influ­ence; it comes straight from the shad­ows the­ater to which Grun is devot­ing him­self. Well laid out, with a sam­pling of the most promi­nent clien­tele (more or less well-known fig­ures attend­ing a con­cert, notes Reims’ cat­a­log, in 1896 under N° 693), this good poster is quite obvi­ously a hit and trig­gers new commissions.

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