Poleon Revue (1894) 28x22"’ (70x55.5cm)  Imp. E. Dupre, Paris

Poleon Revue (1894)
28x22”’ (70x55.5cm)
Imp. E. Dupre, Paris

Still at the Deca­dents, Grun pur­sues his early career, cre­at­ing a shad­ow­graph show, a genre, which prior to the tri­umphal appear­ance of the cin­e­mato­graph, had all of Paris flock­ing to the Chat Noir where it had been launched by Henri Riv­iere. In addi­tion, Poleon Revue is prob­a­bly a humoris­tic satire of the very seri­ous and enor­mously suc­cess­ful Epopee, cre­ated in 1886 by Caran d’Ache at the Chat Noir. On the poster, employ­ing the usual sil­hou­ette shapes, Grun fid­dles with a joy­ous blend of anachro­nisms, where the impe­r­ial cou­ple passes invalids, a tart and her dog, a police­man (already!) and a few revellers.

The cat­a­log of the Reims exhi­bi­tion, in 1896, men­tions under Nb. 695, another poster for the Deca­dents, also from 1894 and printed by Dupre: “Le Fleau”, described as “death, out­fit­ted with boots and spurs, rid­ing the skele­ton of a fully sad­dled horse.” This poster has not been redis­cov­ered, but was most likely exe­cuted in black and

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