Le Carillon (1894) 31x24 (80x62cm)  Imp. Formstecher, Paris

Le Car­il­lon (1894)
31x24 (80x62cm)
Imp. Form­stecher, Paris

This poster by Grün is the sec­ond — and last sil­hou­ette poster –redis­cov­ered. It was done for Le Car­il­lon, founded by Tiercy (Georges Léon Stiers) who began his career at the Déca­dents and who rapidly decided to open his own cabaret. A poor busi­ness­man, he soon gave it up in 1895. The hor­ri­fied care­taker who is run­ning away is most likely a veiled ref­er­ence to Tiercy’s big hit “Ah Mes Enfants” which he sang dis­guised as a care­taker. Grün’s per­son­al­ity becomes more affirmed as he inves­ti­gates how to best exploit an expanse of black where char­ac­ters nat­u­rally stand out. Fran­cisque Sarcey, the all-powerful the­ater critic whom he will often enjoy car­i­ca­tur­ing, is eas­ily recognizable.

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