Tribunal du Carillon (1895) 23x31” (59.7x78.8cm)  Imprimerie Bourgerie & Cie., Paris,

Tri­bunal du Car­il­lon (1895)
23x31” (59.7x78.8cm)
Imprimerie Bourg­erie & Cie., Paris,

Tiercy leaves the Car­il­lon in 1895 and is replaced by Bertrand Mil­lan­voye, dra­matic author and jour­nal­ist. Mil­lan­voye hires the young and ambi­tious Henri Drey­fus, who had just made his first appear­ance under the stage name of Fursy. Things move very rapidly dur­ing these years of nightlife mad­ness, In the sum­mer Fursy cre­ates the Car­il­lon Court in the adjoin­ing gar­den. This trav­esty of a court met with enor­mous pop­u­lar­ity and gave Courte­line, a reg­u­lar patron, the idea for one of his best suc­cesses: “Un client sérieux”. In this poster Grün adopts the black back­ground that will become his hall­mark and adds the color red, admit­tedly nat­ural for the mag­is­trates, but which he will favor from now on.

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