Tournees Baret / Un Client Serieux (After 1896) 21X15"  (54.6x40cm)  Imp. G. Gerin fils, Dijon-Paris

Tournees Baret / Un Client Serieux (After 1896)
21X15” (54.6x40cm)
Imp. G. Gerin fils, Dijon-Paris

In his plays Georges Courte­line (1858 — 1929) ridiculed the bureau­cratic gov­ern­ment absur­di­ties (“Messieurs les Ronds de Cuir”, “Le Train de 8h47”,…). If Fursy is to be believed (and this is quite plau­si­ble), it was while attend­ing a show of the Car­il­lon Court that Courte­line had the inspi­ra­tion for “Un client sérieux” which he pro­duced a few months later. Given its suc­cess, the play was staged in dif­fer­ent loca­tions. Log­i­cally Charles Baret, the king of tour orga­niz­ers, incor­po­rated it in his tours. This passe-partout poster to which a printed ban­ner was added in each town, is in fact a blown-up illus­tra­tion, (see Charles Baret, Pro­pos d’un homme qui a bien tourné, Paris 1909, repro­duced on p, 124).

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