Nouveau Theatre / Vachalcade (1897) 35x47" (89.5x120.5cm)  Imp. Bourgerie & Cie., Paris,

Nou­veau The­atre / Vachal­cade (1897)
35x47” (89.5x120.5cm)
Imp. Bourg­erie & Cie., Paris,

Grün is now a key orga­nizer of life in Mont­martre and doesn’t do things halfway; For the sec­ond Vachal­cade he decides to dec­o­rate his own float for the pro­ces­sion and uses this small poster to recruit local beau­ties. In this sim­ple black and white poster Grün draws his own pro­file car­i­ca­ture on the far right. A phy­lac­tery (or a bal­loon, in comic-strip ter­mi­nol­ogy) con­veys his mes­sage. The young girls are con­verg­ing under the eager gaze of the “flics” (a Courte­line char­ac­ter, which imme­di­ately became an every­day slang word). They pop out of the black back­ground, the dou­ble rows of their but­tons sug­gest­ing their uni­forms — a stroke of inspi­ra­tion that Grün is not ready to forego.



Within the sphere of influ­ence of the big fair, a party is given at the Nou­veau Théâtre, Rue Blanche, to raise funds to aid the artists. In a some­what crude com­po­si­tion using the now essen­tial black and red, Grün depicts a model wear­ing a hat, laugh­ing at the cen­sors and con­trol­ling an exhausted mad cow. A charm­ing bare-breasted dancer presents a pro­gram, while a cop dis­guised as an angel blesses all from a star­lit background.

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