Bal du Deficit (1897)  24x32 (61x81.9cm)  Imp. Bourgerie & Cie., Paris.

Bal du Deficit (1897)
24x32 (61x81.9cm)
Imp. Bourg­erie & Cie., Paris.

On Novem­ber 11,1897 Oscar Méténier (1859–1919) opens his Grand Guig­nol in Rochegrosse’s for­mer ate­lier, using the name of the hero of the Lyon pup­pet show. A guide­book of the time notes: “If Mon­sieur Antoine has his real­ist the­ater, Oscar Méténier also has his of an even more auda­cious real­ism, more vio­lent, more cyn­i­cal, car­ried to the utmost bounds of the lib­er­ties to be taken on stage.” Very rapidly, the Grand Guig­nol becomes syn­ony­mous of hor­ror shows, full of blood and gore. It will be copied through­out the world, For the first per­for­mance adver­tised by this Grün poster, Made­moi­selle Guig­nol, fickle and short skirted, laughs at hav­ing knocked out a Gen­darme — the other pup­pets have it com­ing to them!

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