Joyeux-Theatre (1896)  51x76" (130x194cm)  Imp. Bourgerie & Cie., Paris.

Joyeux-Theatre (1896)
51x76” (130x194cm)
Imp. Bourg­erie & Cie., Paris.

The Joyeux-Théâtre cer­tainly was a short-lived and pos­si­bly migra­tory event — the poster shows nei­ther date nor address. How­ever it did offer a pro­gram of qual­ity which enables us to date it: Jehan Ric­tus is top of the bill: his suc­cess, inci­den­tally instan­ta­neous, goes back to early 1896, when he declaims “The solil­o­ques du pau­vre” at the 4 z’Arts cabaret Grün, along with Wil­lette offers hith­erto un-released shad­ows, a genre which he will give up at around the same time. At any rate the poster appears in the cat­a­log of the great Reims exhi­bi­tion of 1896 — and is dated 1896 as well. The inspi­ra­tion for this small poster has to be looked for in the uni­verse of the shad­ows theater.

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