TRIANON — 1897

This year Chau­vin, one of the part­ners in the man­age­ment of the horser­ace bet­ting, attempted an out­right takeover of the highly flour­ish­ing, but lim­ited world of small cabaret own­ers, At great expense, he built a spa­cious the­ater in the gar­den next to the Elysée Mont­martre and hired away the best cabaret singers.

Trianon (1897)  54x42" (138.5x108cm)  Imp. G. Gerin fils, Dijon-Paris

Tri­anon (1897)
54x42” (138.5x108cm)
Imp. G. Gerin fils, Dijon-Paris

In order to pro­mote the open­ing of the Tri­anon he com­mis­sioned this large hor­i­zon­tal poster, which was glued on pan­els and dis­played on hand­carts through­out Paris. It was a short-lived suc­cess as the cabaret singers were over­paid and the ven­ture impos­si­ble to amor­tize, The bohemian charm of the Butte Mont­martre cabarets was undoubted miss­ing and it was replaced by the Tri­anon Con­cert. Grün draws an accu­rate fam­ily scene of the cabaret singers, and as often, enjoys por­tray­ing him­self (on the far right).


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