L’ÂNE ROUGE — 1898

L'Ane Rouge (1898)

L’Ane Rouge (1898)

In 1889 the for­mer cabaret of the Grande Pinte was renamed L’Âne Rouge by Gabriel Salis, the brother of the founder of the Chat Noir. Rodolphe had sent for him to give a hand in Paris, but like almost every­one else, he fell out with him, vow­ing him a vio­lent dis­like. It would seem that Wil­lette sug­gested this name in order to con­jure up both Rodolphe Salis’ red hair and ill nature. Gabriel, very skil­ful and capa­ble, man­aged the cabaret until 1898, when he sold it to André Joyeux who com­mis­sioned this poster by Grün. On a black back­drop a jack­ass and a very scant­ily clad young beauty beckon the viewer. The back­ground shows the cus­tom­ary police­man and Salis astride a jack­ass, escap­ing with his loot.

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